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Hello & Welcome! to Daigon Animal Transportation Boksburg :

Daigon International we are here to help your furry family. Because of our love for animals we have decided to take the next obvious step and make sure that animals gets treated well.

We handle international and domestic dog and cat transportation. Let us provide you with a tailored quote to transport your furry family.

Daigon Pet Travel has several agents in their books to help assist you with clearance in the country of destination.

Daigon Pet Travel is here to stay and we intend to look after your Pets during travel and they will be in our care at all times. Your beloved cats and dogs will reach there destination without having to endure any stress.We will also ensure that they remain well fed at all times. Should you bring pets in for the African Markets further up north, then we will ensure that they are moved ‘In Transit’ from South Africa in good time.

Daigon Pet Travel : Your pet’s choice for travelling Let your pet decide . All our pet travel agent has the experience to help your pet enjoy their travel experience. We are your pet’s choice for travelling..

We offer pet transport locally and Internationally and will take good care of your furry friends / family.

Daigon Animal Transportation Boksburg : Give us a call or drop us an email at pets@daigon.co.za