Daigon Clearing Agent is a leading and reliable clearing and forwarding company in South Africa. Daigon Clearing Agent specializes in all modes of transport and full logistics services in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Daigon Clearing Agent also specializes in Import & export clearance and forwarding of Personal Household effects. Please note each country has their own set of rules upon importation, the set documents we always suggest to accompany any Personal Effects shipments is the following – Valued inventory list – Complete packing list (it is not required in South Africa) but is required in some countries and most transshipment ports. – Copy of shipper passport – copy of consignee’s passport if the person that is receiving the goods is not the same as the shipper.

Daigon Clearing Agent Main Transport


Daigon Clearing Agent offers a fully funtional Airfreight services, from consolidation Airfreight (a cheaper air option) to normal airfreight services. We also offer express airfreight service for urgent parcels. Daigon Clearing Agent also offer full charters and part charters when available.

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Ocean Freight

Daigon Clearing Agent offers  a total logistic and complete inter modal transportation system. Ocean Freight – Whether it’s Full Container Loads (FCL), Less Than Container Loads (LCL), import or export, consolidated or project cargo ect.

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Daigon Clearing Agent offers various integrated services to meet all our customers transport and logistics requirements. Daigon Clearing Agent gives a competitive advantage by designing cost effective transport and logistics systems solutions.

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Daigon Clearing Agent offer the following Logistics services

– International courier
– Local courier services
– Crossborder roadfreight and clearance
– Express airfreight
– Airline and vessel charter services
– Consolidated Airfreight
– LCL & FCL seafreight services
– HS Code determination
– 2nd Hand and new containers
– Customs clearance Documentation

Daigon Clearing Agent is part of a worldwide network of Clearing Agents with branches that can offer services to and from anywhere in the world.

Daigon Clearing Agent specialize in all types of cargo
– Personal / household effects
– General cargo
– Abnormal cargo
– Hazardous cargo
– Letter of credit shipments

“Daigon Clearing Agent slogan : Nothing is impossible with the right attitude and connections”

Daigon Clearing Agent has gained a rich experience in the freight forwarding field that enables it to cater to every clients’ specific requirements. Daigon Clearing Agent’s team is comprised of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, including management, sales and marketing, shipping, and transportation. All Daigon Clearing Agent staff is on dedicated on delivering a high quality of service on a consistent basis to build a good relationship with clients.

Definition of Clearing Agent

A Clearing Agent is a person or a company that deals with customs to declare any goods that is imported into South Africa to the government on behalf of the importer or trader. This includes general cargo, personal household effects and unaccompanied Baggage. Most Clearing Agents do not specialize in Household or Baggage, and is ill-equipped to handle these shipments.

Definition of Freight Forwarder

A freight forwarder or forwarding agent, is a company that organizes shipments for individuals or corporations to get goods from origin to the final point of distribution. Forwarders contract with a carrier to move the goods. A forwarder contracts with carriers to move cargo ranging from raw agricultural products to manufactured goods.

Freight can be booked on a variety of shipping providers, including ships, airplanes, trucks, and railroads. It is not unusual for a single shipment to move on multiple carrier types. ‘International freight forwarders” typically handle international shipments. International freight forwarders have additional expertise in processing customs documentation and activities pertaining to international shipments.

Information typically reviewed by a freight forwarder includes the commercial invoice, shipper’s export declaration, bill of lading and other documents required by the carrier or country of export, import, and/or transshipment. Much of this information is now processed in a paperless environment.

The FIATA shorthand description of the freight forwarder as the ‘Architect of Transport’ illustrates the commercial position of the forwarder relative to his client.

Daigon Clearing Agent is a privately owned customs clearing and freight forwarding agent, which was founded in the 21st century and based closed to O.R Tambo.

First time Importers Notes

All importers must, as per new customs regulations, be a registered importer with Customs for any and all commercial goods. Personal clients importing goods for personal use do not have to be registered, but no commercial goods is allowed to be imported without a valid customs code.

All electrical goods must be NRCS compliant – SABS Approval before importation of goods. Any goods that is imported and stopped by customs for LOA, will be kept on storage until such time as this can be provided. Please note that NRCS can take upto 3 months to issue LOA.

Customs Vat is applicable to all imported goods except for Household or Personal effects, but this must comply with customs regulations ie. must be used, must have been in importer possession for more than 12 months. All used motor vehicles must have an import permit prior to importation.

Customs Duties and Levies is applicable on several tariff headings as defined in Customs & Excise Schedules.  South Africa is a member of the World Customs Organisation (WCO) and therefore, uses the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) for the classification of goods on importation.
Schedule 1 Part 1 deals with Ordinary Customs Duty and lesser duties on EURO1, SADC. Schedule 1 Part 2-8 deals with levies, Schedule 2 Anti-dumping, Countervailing and Safeguard Duties on Imported Goods , Schedule 3 ​Industrial Rebates of Customs Duties, Schedule 4 General Rebates of Customs Duties, Fuel Levy and Environmental Levy…….

CBCU Stops – Customs Border Control Unit at one time or another your goods will be stopped to check on what is declared, the value that is declared and counterfeiting ect. This is also a long procedure and can take upto 2 weeks for a release to be given.

Daigon Clearing Agent FAQ

How long will I be allowed to make a declaration? 

National legislation gives an importer / agent seven days (an additional seven days in which to make due entry for loose or break bulk cargo, imported by sea, air or rail i.e. 14 days) or 28 days in the case of goods in a container depot, in which to clear goods from the time they have landed in the Republic. Daigon Clearing Agent always suggest that pre-clearance is done to ensure that a minimum of storage is applicable in case of a customs or CBCU stop.

What happens if goods are not declared on time?

These may be removed and detained in a State Warehouse. It must be noted that certain goods will require an import permit, which must be produced at the time of clearance. Application for Import Permits must be made to The Department of Trade and Industry.

What is the clearance process?

The clearance process includes accepting and checking the goods declaration against the documents produced (invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin, permits, etc.), examination of the goods if necessary and the assessment and collection of duty and VAT. Customs may require additional information and may also request samples. Daigon Clearing Agent has dedicated teams that deals with all detain, CBCU stops and customs queries and exams.
Customs may also detain goods for other Government departments. The relevant Government department will then ensure compliance with their applicable laws, regulations and rules.

Daigon Clearing Agent deals with customs on a daily basis. All updated rules and regulations gets scrutinized as published to ensure that the clients get the best advise and support needed. Please contact Daigon Clearing Agent sales department to discuss or set an appointment for your import or export cargo in detail.